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WINNER: Jay Justilian, Houston, TX

AGE: 45

ACHIEVEMENT*: A former high school football player, Jay found his weight continually creeping up as he grew older. Then he heard about a Tasti D-Lite contest on the radio. Because he’s super motivated by competition, Jay decided it would be a perfect way to take charge of his situation. He made Tasti D-Lite a part of his overall diet plan and lost 48 pounds.

OTHER TASTI HABITS: Jay watches what he eats at every meal. He also works out at his YMCA at least three times a week, doing circuit training or cross-training, and takes long walks outdoors.

WHY TASTI: At first, Tasti appealed to Jay as a way to take off weight. He had tried other diets and failed. But when he started including Tasti among his other healthy habits, he found that he could lose weight while still enjoying frozen treats. He loves that it’s made with natural ingredients and has no artificial sweeteners. Plus, Tasti is lower in carbs, which is important with a history of diabetes in his family.




Jay's Story:

I’m a former high school football player. I was told I wasn’t big enough to play when I first went to college, but I got a lot bigger in college! I’ve always had an athletic build, and I got up around 287 pounds. 

One day, I was listening to one of my favorite radio stations and I heard the commercial for the Tasti D-Lite weight-loss challenge. I had tried many diets over the years and this sounded like it would be right up my alley, because I’m a competitive guy. Since it was the first of the year, I thought this would be a great way to start a diet. I embraced the competitive aspect of it.

Well, I tried it and I really fell in love with Tasti D-Lite. I was so glad I could eat something healthier without the extra calories and guilt. I had a Tasti Smoothie at least three times a week for lunch. I liked the idea of the Tasti shots that you can add to them — I’d do a protein shot. It was a nice way to get those extra vitamins and other beneficial nutrients since I was working out and on a diet.

Of course, I practiced other healthy habits besides eating Tasti D-Lite, and I still keep up those habits. I go to the Y at least three times a week to do circuit training and cross training. I’ll use the elliptical trainer, because it’s lower impact than a treadmill and doesn’t seem to bother any of my old football injuries. If I’m not going to the Y, I walk. We have a three-mile course in Memorial Park — it’s a big public park here in Houston. I’ll walk that, and I’ll use Tasti as a nice guilt-free reward afterwards.

I try to do a healthy breakfast, Tasti for lunch, meat, a green vegetable, and a salad for dinner. I also like something cold and frozen as a late-night snack. I can still do that, with Tasti pints to go… it’s nice that you can have that late at night. And it’s nice not to worry about blowing your diet.

Plus, Tasti D-Lite doesn’t have a lot of artificial ingredients. For me, it’s the healthiest thing on the market. It’s a good, fresh, better-for-you alternative to what you’d find in some other higher-calorie, higher-sugar frozen snack. With a family history of diabetes, Tasti is a great treat that fits into my lifestyle and diet. I just took my two granddaughters to Tasti a few days ago, and I told them they could have anything they wanted! My favorite flavor at the moment is Nutella
® mixed with chocolate Tasti. But I also like trying the flavors of the day. It’s always nice to discover something new.

Tasti D-Lite remains a part of my diet because it is delicious and nutritious. We have three locations here in Houston. My job as a real estate agent takes me everywhere, so if I’m on the right side of town, I try to make it for lunch.

With the Tasti challenge, I lost 48 lbs and 16.7% of my body fat. This is the greatest diet you could ever do in your entire life.

And it’s a fun story to tell.

*Individual results will vary. The average weight loss among Tasti Healthy Habit Search entrants is 22 lbs. Tasti D-Lite does not treat or cure any disease.


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